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Getting Car Insurance for Learner Driver Is Necessary

Writen Oct 17, 2017

The moment you decide to learn driving you to feel excited.

At one hand learning to drive is exciting and at the other, you have to face many challenges, right on the road. Car insurance for learner driver can ease out things and reduce your stress level while you learn driving.

What is learner driver insurance?

When you start learning to drive from a professional driving school they provide you with necessary insurance coverage.

However, if you drive only along with them you will not be able to learn driving fast and not get enough confidence while driving. Hence, you need to practice few hours of extra driving on another car so that you can get the confidence to get a license as the driver instead of having a learner driver license.

The learners permit auto insurance provides you insurance during those hours when you are practicing driving on another car. You can take the cover for as much number of days up to a maximum of 90 days, depending on the insurer.

How does learner driver insurance work?

Once you get the best learner driver insurance you will find that it works along the main car insurance policy on the car in which you are practicing. It will provide you with a fully comprehensive cover during the period when you are practicing driving and also while you are giving the driving test, provided you are using the same car.

This means that if you face an accident with car insurance for learner driver you will get a claim on the driver insurance. This will help you maintain the main car insurance totally untarnished. There will be no effect on the no claim discount.

Do you need learner driver insurance?

As you need to practice for 20 hours more than the 47 hours of professional driving lessons that you get in order to pass the driving test, you have to practice driving in either your car or your friend’s car. Now, it is illegal to drive without insurance.

Hence, while you are practicing driving on another car other than the car from professional driving school you should be covered under learner driver car insurance.

Can you get car insurance with a permit?

Yes, you can get permit driver insurance from a number of car insurance companies. However, there is a catch in it. Once you get car insurance with your permit to learn you should get your driver license within a short period, say within 30 to 45 days. Or else your insurance will become void.

The car insurance company may also state that you should start the policy along with a driver who already has a valid driving license. Everything will depend upon their policies.  

Picking the right learner’s car

You can gather a number of learner driver car insurance quote but while you learn driving or rather practice driving it is necessary that you pick the right learner car. Consider the following while you pick your learner car

  • The car that your instructor is using is a good choice for you too as you will be familiar with the size of the car and the engine. This will make your confidence when you are driving along the road.
  • You should think big while you start driving, but start with a small car. It is easy to handle a small car when you are learning to drive than a big SUV. Moreover, the amount of premium that you have to bear will also depend upon which car you are using.

It’s true that while you choose a car affordability will be one important factor, but never ever compromise on the safety features of the car.