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Few Questions Answered On Car Insurance for Named Drivers

Writen Oct 17, 2017

Do you drive your car alone or someone else from your family drives it occasionally?

If you have other people driving your car, then you must get additional driver on car insurance while you get your car insurance.

Do not consider that what will happen if they drive for few hours occasionally. The consequences may be devastating. Instead of that get to your insurer and get additional driver insurance. You may think that it will add to your premium but in reality, sometimes it may decrease the premiums too.

What will insurers need to know about the additional driver?

In order to get additional driver insurance, you need to inform your insurer about the details of the person whom you want to add an additional driver. The details of additional driver will contain

  • Name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Marital Status
  • Occupation
  • Motoring Convictions, if any

You must remember that while you are getting insurance for named drivers you should ensure that you are not fronting.

Who should be listed as an additional driver?

If you are not driving your car alone then it is obvious that it is driven by others, either your family members or your friends. They should be listed as the additional driver.

They are known as car insurance named driver as a named driver is one who is insured to drive a car occasionally that is mostly driven by another person. It can be your wife, father, son, friend or anyone.

How is the driver added to your policy?

The named driver car insurance rules are very simple when it comes to adding a driver to your policy.

All you have to do is inform your insurer about the driver whom you want to add as named driver in your car insurance policy.

Apart from informing the insurer, you must also let the person know that you are adding them as named driver in your policy.

As per the named driver insurance rules adding a driver may push up or push down the overall cost of insurance. If you are adding a young or learner as your named driver then it is obvious that the premiums costs will be higher than normal.

Again, if you add an experienced person as your named driver then the premiums will be reduced. However, in order to reduce the cost of premium most of the time fronting is done which is an offense. If you put the main driver as an additional driver and vice versa in order to reduce the cost of premium you are practicing fronting.

Temporary additional driver insurance

Sometimes, if you are lending your car to a friend for few days or a family member has come to your place for few days and will be driving your car then you can go for temporary additional driver insurance.

This type of temporary policy is mostly available for one to 28 days and it only is for the person above the age of 21.

Any claims on this type of policy will not affect your ‘no claim bonus.’

How much does adding a driver cost?

According to the car insurance additional driver rules the cost of adding a driver will depend upon whom you are adding as named or additional driver in your policy.

If you are adding a driver who is experienced and without any motoring convictions then it will almost not cost you anything.

However, if the person is convicted with motoring accidents or for breaking the rules then the insurance company may charge you the high premium as they will be covering more risks by adding a convicted driver to the insurance policy.