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Car Insurance in Colorado

When we are talking about Colorado car insurance quotes is a quite interesting state for this case. This rate differs from one company to another and depends on driver’s ZIP code, his driving record, his age and credit history. We’ve sorted out some statistics about current companies by their affordability rating:

To help our reader narrow the topic and find the cheapest offer in Colorado, we’ve made a research of rates from largest companies in this state and find the best options for the following categories:

Company Yearly Rate
Grange Insurance Association $847
State Farm $967
American Family $1,025
Auto Owners $1,096
The Hartford $1,096
Allied $1,102
Progressive $1,160
Farmers $1,299
GEICO $1,497
Allstate $1,501
MetLife $1,596
Encompass $1,773
Colorado Farm Bureau $1,899
Unitrin $2,172

Best offers for good drivers and young drivers

How much is car insurance Colorado for such drivers? Best rates for people with no moving violations, DUIs or accidents per year:

  • American Family– 1124$
  • State Farm – 1156$
  • Farmers – 1338$

 American Family offers cheap car insurance Colorado for about $95 per month among other two companies: Farmers and State Farm. Even if your driving record is blameless, and you’re meeting all the requirements, it’s a good idea to compare current rates in order to choose the best service. When we did our research, we found that in Colorado, among compared companies, rates varied by more than $1000 for good drivers.

  • Farmers – $630
  • Safeco – $645
  • State Farm – $698

A young driver is less likely than a driver with family to get a big asset that will be at risk in one or another lawsuit. Because of this you can probably get less coverage and be happy with the lowest rates. We’ve checked out quotes for 20s year’s old drivers in order to find the cheapest coverage that is able in Colorado. As we can see in the list above, Farmers offers an average cost of $630, in other words, $53 per month. Also, State Farms and Safeco are not so far from Farmers. These offers are able in each city of the state, including cheap car insurance Colorado Springs co.

Best offers for drivers with one at-fault accident

  • State Farm – $1352
  • Farmers – $1648
  • American Family – $1720

If you trapped in an at-fault accident, you have to be ready for the fact, that it triggers your rate increase, your renewal time and when you shop for a renewed policy respectively. As we mentioned in the list above, the cheapest car insurance in Colorado for a driver with such driving history is provided by State Farm and it will be $1352 a year. This price is more than $200 bigger that the best available offers for drivers with a clean history and the same age. The difference between State Farm offer and the closest one, provided by Farmers, is more than $300! By the way, the most expensive coverage for a driver who had an accident was $3400, because of this; it is pretty smart to compare existing rates despite the fact that you have a stained record.  You can find broker Denver and other cities of the state.

The minimum coverage levels in Colorado

Colorado car insurance laws indicate the following mandatory payments:

  • minimum $25000 for injured person;
  • $50000 for an accident;
  • $15000 property injury liability for occurred accident.

It is a great idea to buy a bit more than the lowest minimum in order to avoid enormous accident bills or lawsuits. You also may want to choose other types of coverage, like comprehensive and collision, which will pay theft of your car or for damage.

Alternative insurers

Several western states are members of the AAIP (Association of Auto Insurance Plans). If you are a driver who is unable to get best car insurance Colorado on the free market because of the fact of past accidents or some factors can be able with AAIP to find an insurer.

Car Insurance in Colorado