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Car Insurance
Esurance company, Inc. is an American insurance company. It was found in 1999 and it is the first company to bring car insurance online. It is an automotive insurance provider serving across the nation.
out of 599 user reviews

Insurance Coverage

It provides large amount of online tools to help you navigate insurance yourself so that you don’t have to go to the local agent to meet in person. Esurance car insurance quotes by Esurance chief marketing Alan Gellman says “some customer prefer a local agent to physically walk them through the process and then there are self-directed customers who only want help if they need it. Esurance has usage- based car insurance policies which provide insurance pricing based on actual driving like including mileage, time of day, sudden acceleration and hard brake. When you will compare ensure company car insurance with other companies you will see that it provides cheaper car insurance rate than average. Make your decision according to your comparing to which company you prefer a company which provides lots of online tools and generally lower price or other companies which provide personalized services from local agents.

Esurance car insurance offers coverage for bodily injury, property damage liability, uninsured motorist bodily injury, property damage, medical damages, comprehensive physical damage, and collision.

Bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverage is the part of the insurance that pays for the injury of other people involved in the accident and damage on their property in an accident caused by you. Uninsured motorist bodily injury and property damage coverage pays bodily injuries or death expenses for you and the passenger with you in the vehicle or any damage to your vehicle if you are if you are hit by an uninsured driver, hit-and-run driver or insured driver who is inadequate to cover the property damage. It only covers the expense up to your policy limit.

Coverage Options

There are many additional offers for special coverage options like emergency roadside service (ERS), rental car, customized parts, and equipment coverage.

Emergency roadside side coverage can be only purchased on policies which contain comprehensive damages and collisions. It is very useful for those who are trapped by mechanical failure or in need of maintenance tire changes, gas fill-up, battery jumps, etc. Rental car discount is a discount which refund you for the cost of your rental car if your vehicle is unavailable due to an accident. Customized parts and equipment coverage provide insurance for objects like mobile, TV equipment, furniture, painting, etc.



Esurance provide minimum twelve discount offers currently on esurance car insurance policies which is a lot more than any other companies. The discount can vary by state and some features maybe optional. Some of the discounts provided by esurance are anti-lock brakes, anti-theft device and discount for good student. Anti-locks brakes which gives 5% discount, Anti-theft devices gives 5 to 25% discount, Defensive driver courses are for old drivers which can help you save in the range of 10% off coverage and is good for three years.  

The discount for good students is only provided to those who are going for full time school or college’s students who can receive a payment coverage of at least 10% on medical, collision and on liabilities. Multi-vehicle policy insure multiple cars on the same esurance car insurance policy to receive a discount. Online purchases you get discount for being an online purchaser. Safe driving record is a discount in which a person hold a driving license for 3 to 4 year with zero penalty and gets 30 to 40% discount. There are many more discount offer provided by esuranc which you can find out in detail before purchasing.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Rating: 
out of 599 user reviews

Esurance car insurance company examine customer satisfaction through customer satisfaction rating in which quality of the experience of holding a car insurance policy with Esurance is compared with other companies. By the esurance car insurance review survey data esurance’s customer satisfaction rating is 3.8 out of 5 stars. This data is survey is based on a survey conduct by the esurance customers.

For the customer satisfaction esurance has provide new online facilities to make it easier for customer, facilities like coverage counsellor, photo and video claims, repair view which allow you to track your repair through daily photo of your car and what if calculator to accidents, moving vehicles or changing vehicles can impact are rates.

Survey Review Data

Financial Stability

Financial Stability Rating: 
out of 599 user reviews

Financial stability rating a score of Esurance ability to pay out claims of policyholder which is calculated by taking a composite of the rating to it by official credit rating agencies. Esurance car insurance company financial rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Esurance car insurance insure best for the customers. It has total asset is the net worth of 104.7 billion and is among the large insurance provider and insurance holding company. Esurance provides cheap auto insurance in 43 states and in California Esurance scores among the best.

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