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Alabama car insurance

Get cheap Alabama car insurance online no matter which city you live in. There many companies which offer car insurance coverage. You have to know the correct automobile policy that is suitable for you. Compare the various insurance policies offered by different companies and then take your decision.

Average premiums in Alabama car insurance

The insurance for automobile in Alabama State is currently around $67. However, the insurance amount will mainly depend upon the zip code of the area that you live in. for example in cities like Dothan, your insurance will cost you around $62 per month. In comparatively bigger cities like Birmingham, you monthly insurance payments will cost you around $73.

Visit to learn about the insurance costs per month in each area, the cost fluctuation for time to time and so on. Learn about the lowest premium rates in your area and invest accordingly.

Alabama car insurance law and requirements

Following are some important automobile law and requirements of the Alabama state:

  • Alabama has a liability insurance requirement of $20,000 minimum for injury liability.
  • Alabama has a liability insurance requirement of $50,000 minimum for all injuries.
  • The minimum liability insurance requirement for property damage is $25,000.

However, Alabama State has no requirement for Uninsured or Underinsured liability insurance; there is no requirement for no-fault insurance.

Decide the correct amount of Alabama car insurance coverage 

All automobile insurance policies are not the same. The least you could do is choose the minimum amount of insurance coverage by comparing the insurance coverage provided by various insurance companies. If you have a vehicle that is brand new and comparatively expensive then you have to be over protective about it and choose a better insurance coverage which might cost a little. This will help you in the long run in case any thing happens such as any major accident, a theft, or damage due to weather; you have to bear a minimum portion of the financial damage.

DUI laws in the Alabama State

If convicted of a DUI, first time offenders will have their license suspended for at least 6 months. In case someone’s DUI is higher than a BAL of 0.15, that person might have to install an ignition interlock device in his or her vehicle. In order to regain his or her suspended license, that person has to file an SR-22 which will serve as insurance before the license is reinstated.

There are only 36 states where it is legal for the insurance company to deny any kind of insurance coverage or medical payments if vehicle damage or physical injury has occurred due to alcohol drinking and driving. Alabama falls under one of these 36 states. And of course, your insurance premium rates will increase rapidly after a DUI conviction.

Age limit laws in Alabama State

Teenagers get their driver’s learner permit at the age of 15 in Alabama State. Young drivers will have to keep their permit for at least 6 months and also they have to take driver’s education. They must have at least 30 hours of supervised practise of driving only after this they will be able to apply for the intermediate driver’s permit. This will be issued after the driver turns 16. Drivers in their intermediate stage are not allowed to drive between 12 at midnight to 6 in the morning. While driving they can have only one non-family supervisor as his or her supervisor. When the driver turns 17, then only he or she can apply for a full license.

Credit score laws and regulations in Alabama State

There are many states where your insurance company can adjust your insurance premium rates according to your credit scores. If you have a high credit score, then your insurance provider will lower your premium rate.

Insuring your automobile in Alabama State

Your insurance company will have to know the full details of your car before insuring it. In case your friend or family borrows your car, then in case any damage occurs then it will be billed to your insurance company not the company or the driver.

Additional Alabama car insurance laws and requirements

There are some more laws and requirements in the Alabama State besides these such as highway safety laws, speed limits, use of cell phone etc.