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Car Insurance in Texas

If you looking for cheap car insurance in Texas, you should understand that it is a very important investment but it is not so easy to find an insurer and policy that will suit your needs. With our help, you’ll definitely find necessary information about buying and modifying your policy. Here you’ll learn about what your policy will pay for exactly and, of course, the cheapest rates and car insurance quotes in Texas. You can use our calculator to find the best option for you.

Top rated companies in Texas

  • Affirmative
  • Hanover
  • AAA
  • Allstate
  • Colonial
  • Farmers
  • Horace Mann car insurance
  • Mercury
  • National Wide
  • Safe Auto
  • Safeway
  • State Farm
  • Travelers
  • Tricare
  • USAA

This is the list of companies that are based in such cities like Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and others.

Texas car insurance quote

Company Yearly Rate
Texas Farm Bureau $1,210
Progressive $1,368
State Farm $1,501
Mercury $1,789
Unitrin $2,038
Encompass $2,175
21st Century $2,429
MetLife $2,916
Dairlyand $3,898
Kemper Security $5,003

Minimum Requirements in Texas

In accordance with Texas car insurance laws, a driver in Texas must carry the liability insurance. Time by time you’ll see written requirements and prices. This means that you must buy at least next liability:

  • $30000 coverage per person (bodily injury);
  • $60000 coverage per accident (bodily injury)
  • $25000 coverage per accident (property damage)

If you have caused a crash, even minimum liability insurance is aimed to pay for other person’s property damage and treatment. This option doesn’t pay for vehicle repairs or your own injured. Imagine that you carrying minimal liability (like mentioned above) and you have an accident with another car with passengers. In accordance with Texas car insurance requirements, your coverage liability will pay for about $30000 per injured person and maximum for $60000 for the whole crash. In the context of other parties, your policy will cover up to $25000 for property damage cost.

Our top-rated companies

We’ve made a comparison based on current quotes for three types of drivers:

  • Good drivers
  • Young drivers
  • Drivers with one at-fault crash
Rank Insurer  
1 Hartford Fire Insurance Company 0.00
2 State Farm County Mutual Insurance Company Of Texas 0.24
3 Germania Select Insurance Company 0.29
4 Dairyland County Mutual Insurance Company Of Texas 0.31
5 Foremost County Mutual Insurance Company 0.32
6 State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company 0.33
7 21st Century Centennial Insurance Company 0.36
8 USAA Casualty Insurance Company 0.46
9 Allstate Property And Casualty Insurance Company 0.65
10 Consumers County Mutual Insurance Company 0.68
11 Texas Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company 0.70
12 Garrison Property And Casualty Insurance Company 0.76
13 Allstate County Mutual Insurance Company 0.77
14 Farmers Texas County Mutual Insurance Company 0.79
15 Colonial County Mutual Insurance Company 0.85
16 Texas Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company 0.85
17 United Services Automobile Association 0.86
18 Progressive County Mutual Insurance Company 0.91
19 Liberty County Mutual Insurance Company 0.91
20 Allstate Fire And Casualty Insurance Company 0.92
21 Allstate Indemnity Company 0.93
23 USAA General Indemnity Company 0.94
24 Southern County Mutual Insurance Company 1.23
25 AAA Texas County Mutual Insurance Company 1.37
26 Home State County Mutual Insurance Company 1.46
27 ACCC Insurance Company 1.70
29 Loya Insurance Company 2.27
30 Old American County Mutual Fire Insurance Company 2.69

For good drivers

  • USAA - $1200
  • State Farm $1420

The best car insurance in Texas for this category is provided by insurer USAA and it is $1200, or $120 per month and the average cost among these three companies is about $1310. But we have one simple issue with USAA – this company only services veterans, active militarists and their families. If we look at State Farm, we’ll see that they basically provide a wider offering of coverage-oriented discount programs. In the case of State Farm, this company offers four different discounts related to an accident(violation)-free driving.

For young drivers

  • USAA $770
  • Farmers $1100

When we talk about young drivers, we should know that they, basically, have lesser affordable coverage needs that drivers with extensive assets or families, and you probably want to find the answer on a how much is car insurance in Texas question. Relying on this fact, they more likely can get one of the cheapest coverage that is able in Texas. This type of drivers has the tiny range of quotes that we’ve tested, and between high cost and low cost, it is only $1400. Respectively, young drivers have a great opportunity to get the cheap full coverage option among the wide range of insurers in Texas.

For drivers with one at-fault crash

  • USAA - $1660
  • State Farm - $1670
  • Farmers - $2050

If you had even one little at-fault crash, it can (basically, it will) add a spectacular sum to your policy. The cheapest deals for this type are in fact $400 bigger than the cheapest average deal for drivers with an innocent driving record. Farmers and USAA both offer an option called accident forgiveness, which can save your rates if there are no accidents for years on your driving record.

Alternative coverages

  • Collision coverage. While cheap liability for car insurance in Texas is aimed to pay for other parties property (in our case we mean a vehicle) in case, where you caused an accident, collision coverage is aimed to fix your ride. It pays for repair if you had a single-car crash, like hitting a fence or tree.
  • Comprehensive coverage. This coverage is aimed to pay for your car repair after an animal collision, vandalism, fire, car theft, etc. This coverage comes with a deductible, as well as collision coverage.