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Car Insurance in Michigan

If you are looking for the cheap car insurance in Michigan, prepare to the fact that it can be challenging. In accordance with the Association of Insurance Commissioners, this stat has the highest rates in the USA. Basically, current prices depend on your income, age, etc. between on the one or another company. However, you can avoid the expensive quotes and shop around online.

Cheap insurance quotes in Michigan

This is our list of companies in Michigan:

  • Auto Owners
  • Hanover
  • AAA
  • Colonial
  • Farmers
  • Hagerty Classic
  • Horace Mann
  • State Farm

In order to help Michigan drivers save their money, we’ve made some researches and find best rates from the largest insurers that offer car insurance quotes Michigan for the following three drivers’ categories:

  • Good
  • Young
  • With one crash (at-fault)

What we found

  • Auto-Owners– $2170
  • Hanover – $2400
  • Frankenmuth – $2600

Cheap Car Insurance Companies in Michigan

Company Yearly Rate
MetLife $1,159
Hastings Mutual $1,395
Chubb $1,735
Pioneer State Mutual $1,996
MEEMIC $2,028
Auto Owners $2,221
Frankenmuth $2,343
SECURA $2,624
Grange Insurance $2,704
Auto Club Group $2,743
Nationwide $2,868
Hanover $2,904
Millers $2,975
Allied $3,283
Allmerica $3,319
Farm Bureau $3,750
State Farm $4,015
Wolverine Mutual $4,231
Mercury $4,685
Encompass $5,277
Allstate $5,992

For drivers who have no accidents, moving violations or DUIs.

Even if your driving history is shining bright like a diamond, in Michigan you likely face tough prices for auto coverage. According to our Michigan car insurance rates, we choose these three companies because they are offering cheapest costs. The average cost is $2370 per year. Our favorite, Auto-Owners provide the cheapest affordable deal in our view, only $2170, and it is $180 per month. If your record is clean, it is a quite good idea to compare current safe-driving discounts that are offered by companies in Michigan, like discounts for the absence of moving violations or claims. With tricks like these, you can get best saving and influence with the cheapest insurer.

  • Hanover – $1300
  • Auto-Owners – $1600
  • Progressive – $2040

Young drivers (18~27 years old) can find relatively neat coverage amount, on the conditions that don’t include assets to lose in a lawsuit or significant savings. We checked various quotes for drivers with the minimum coverage limits. As we can see, the best car insurance in Michigan we found is $1300 a year by Hanover. It is about $860 cheaper than the cheapest offer for 30 y.o. drivers with the perfect driving record with higher coverage limits.

  • Auto-Owners – $2600
  • Frankenmuth – $3340
  • Hanover – $3700

If you caused a crash, you’ll face an increased rate if you renew your policy. At this point, you probably don’t know how much is car insurance in Michigan.Because of this, it is the best time to shop around. As we can see from the list, the lowest rate is $2600 a year is offered by Auto-Owners, this offer applies to Detroit and other cities. Rates differ more than $750 in comparison with the next option, provided by Frankenmuth. The most expensive quote for this category is over $7500 a year. This fact proves how much drivers with spoiled records have to shop around to find the cheapest coverage.

Minimum requirements in Michigan

According to Michigan car insurance laws, if you are Michigan resident, you have to carry liability coverage and PPI (personal property protection) as well as PIP (personal injury protection).

  • PPI pays in order to fix caused damage to other’s property while driving, like a garage, fence, or other’s parked vehicle.
  • PIP, basically, covers all injuries that your passenger(s) and you suffer in an accident, and it doesn't matter if you have no fault (or have) of the incident.

PIP has no limits to choose if needed in Michigan. However, you must choose between current requirements of personal protection:

  • $20000 injury liability (counts per person)
  • $40000 injury liability (counts per incident)
  • $10000 damage (property) liability (counts per incident)
  • $1000000 for PPI

We recommend you buy more than just a minimal liability if you want to avoid enormous payments if the future damage will exceed the limits of your policy.

Alternative insurers

Drivers with DUIs, poor credit, etc., who are denied auto coverage on the market can get low-cost coverage can find a great deal in short term, even with 7 days with MAIPF in Michigan.