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Idaho car insurance

Buying a car can be a dream for many people. The feeling of sitting in your own personal vehicle and utilizing it as and however you want to, gives you a satisfaction nothing else can. However, with every boon there comes a con. There’s just no escaping it. Every time you go out on a ride, there’s the constant fear of accidents where your car can break down or have scratches and what not. Such unpleasant circumstances cannot really be avoided but you can always be prepared to deal with it by having your car insured.

Average premiums in Idaho

There are various companies that help you get the right insurance and premiums that is within your budget. Idaho car insurance is generally lower and in the hands of the right kind of insurer, the premium that you pay is a very less amount and you save enough.

Auto Insurance Laws and Requirements in Idaho

  • Personal vehicles in Idaho need to keep coverage on bodily injury and property damage. The extra coverage includes comprehensive and collision coverage, towing coverage, custom equipment coverage etc.
  • Financial responsibility and establishing proof of insurance is required. No one is just going to cover for your car without proper documentation.
  • Insurance ID card or proof of self insurance will do the work of the insurance proof for Idaho car insurance.
  • It is your responsibility to present your proof of insurance and financial responsibility when asked by an officer or after an accident or while you are operating the vehicle.
  • It is mandatory to keep your proof of insurance with you and if failed to provide it when asked you can be penalized by fine and if repeated again, a jail sentence of up to 6 months can be ordered.

Car Insurance Coverage in Idaho

It is mandatory to carry a minimum amount of car insurance and this bare minimum of premium depends on various factors. There are various factors on which the insurance companies charge your premium and award reward points. Some of the factors include the type of car you are insuring, how much you drive, you age, your gender etc. It is important to have Idaho car insurance.

DUI Laws in Idaho

Breaking law has its consequences. As such there are many penalties that can take place if you break the law. 

  • Your first offense can result in jail up to 6 months, fine up to $1000 and license suspension from 90 to 180 days.
  • Your second offense has a jail time of 10 days to 1 year, a fine of $2000, license suspension of 1 year and the requirement of IID
  • You third offense has a jail time of 30 days to 5 years, fine of $5000, license suspension of 1 to 5 years and IID is required here too.

Age Limit Laws in Idaho

It is mandatory to complete your graduated driver’s license (GLD) program to get your license and ID in Idaho. Getting an Idaho car insurance is not easy. However, each stage of GLD has an age limit. For supervised instruction permit you should be 14 and half years old, for driver’s ed you must be 14 and half years old, for underage driver’s license you should be 15 years old and for regular driver’s license you should be 18 years old.

Credit Score Laws and Regulations in Idaho

The insurance companies are allowed to change their premium rates based on your credit evaluation. Your credit update can save you from having to provide double the amount of premium for your car insurance. The monthly premiums for people with poor credit information may have to pay a double amount. However, Idaho car insurance does not make it too high for people.

Insuring your Vehicle in Idaho

The company asks questions about your car and lets you have their protection, provided you place your confidence in them. The worst case scenario might be that they have to pay for the coverage while someone else was driving your car.

Additional auto insurance laws and requirements in Idaho

The additional laws that Idaho car insurance abides by are the highway safety laws and speed limits and cell phone use. You can be penalized for these if you do not abide by them.