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Ford automobiles were manufactured by Henry Ford for over 100 years ago. The Ford vehicles today are the preferred car by American consumers. However, protect your car with proper insurance.

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Chevrolet, founded by Louis Chevrolet, General Motor globalized division is the popular vehicle in the US and also the fast-moving brands. Chevrolet is known as ‘Chevy’ and has a high number of sales.

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BMW is known as the ‘ultimate driving machine’ and even the owners attest for its luxury and power. Selling in 2012 around 1.54 million vehicles, BMW established as the top luxury-car maker in the world.

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The ‘German Big 3’ comprises of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, and this is prominent worldwide. The vehicles of Audi provide the best quality and performance expected in any premier luxury vehicle.

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Acura is the Honda luxury vehicle marquee that is less expensive with car insurance. Launched in 1986 in the United States, it inspired other automakers to create luxury lines.

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While you drive a car it is necessary that you are covered by insurance. However, insurance for drivers with convictions is not that simple as insurance for a normal driver.

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Everybody wants to get insured at cheaper premiums. Especially if you are the young and inexperienced driver you will faint when you see the premium amount of your car insurance.

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The Hartford provides a lot of different perks for clients as a usual part of a policy. This list of perks includes:

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Phoenix is one of the most expensive insurers in the town and even in the state - $1440 per year. We’ve made a research on the main rates between six insurers in this state.

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