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Georgia car insurance

Choosing the right insurance for your so loved car that you have brought with your hard earned money can be a bit difficult. There are various companies that provide you with many premiums that can have you thinking which one to choose from. Georgia car insurance has laws and rules that you have to abide by and if not done so, there are penalties that you might have to pay and they can be pretty severe. Your car is precious to you and to keep it from harm, it is important that you have an insurance that can help you in times of emergencies.


Average premiums in Georgia

Your premiums are a bit less in the city of Georgia. An average driver may have to pay up to almost $70 per month depending on various factors. Some of the cities may have higher premium but mostly they are cheap enough for you to afford them. There are various discounts available based on the factors of whether you are a student or are you a good driver or do you have more than one car or so. Make sure to ask your insurer if you are eligible for discounts and make sure to utilize them.

Auto Insurance Laws and Requirements in Georgia

Georgia has a few requirements that need to be met if you are looking for good and affordable Georgia car insurance. You need to know more about their coverage plans and choose wisely. Pointers that should be kept in mind are:

  • The coverage to bodily injury liability requires 25,000-50,000. However, the most common ones range from 100,000-300,000.
  • Property damage liability requires 25,000 and the most common is 50,000.
  • They cover uninsured motorist bodily damage, medical payments, comprehensive and collision damage as well.

Car Insurance Coverage in Georgia

Your insurance coverage mostly depends on the car that you are driving. Your monthly premiums are decided on the luxurious car you drive or the old sedan that needs bare minimum coverage. For the expensive car that you drive, the insurance bill for that will be much higher because of the extra protection liabilities that you might need to buy for that extra coverage. It requires much more protection than some old car that you might drive. Your insurance also depends on your ability to pay the amount of premium that you can afford. Your credit statement helps you a lot in this matter.

DUI Laws in Georgia

Georgia car insurance takes DUI laws pretty seriously. Breaking of law can be punished severely and the consequences to it can be very severe. For your first offense you will be charged a fine of up to $1000, a license suspension of a year or so and you can be behind the bars for a year. Getting back your license after such accidents can be a very big problem. It may also hike up your insurance rate because of the accident that might have happened.


Age Limit Laws in Georgia 

  • The beginners permit can be applied for at the age of 15 and is valid for 12 consecutive months under the regulation that they have attained a supervised training of 40 hours.
  • Their intermediate stage permit is at the age of 16 where they cannot drive from12 to 6 a.m. and are not allowed to drive without any family member in the car for the first 6 months. If they abide by the rules, they can have only one person under the age of 21 with them.
  • By the age of 17, if all the rules are followed and maintained they are allowed 3 people outside of family with them.
  • At 18 they can apply for full license. Georgia car insurance is taken seriously.

Credit Score Laws and Regulations in Georgia

Georgia car insurance takes bad credit scoring pretty seriously resulting in paying the double of your insurance but you can make it up as there are various ways to make up your credit score.

Insuring your Vehicle in Georgia

The age, model and other information of the vehicle need to be provided to the insurer so that you do not have to run into problems if any accident occurs.

Additional auto insurance laws and requirements in Georgia

Georgia car insurance follows the additional laws such as highway safety laws and speed limits and cell phone use. These cannot be ignored at all.