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Chevrolet Insurance

Chevrolet, founded by Louis Chevrolet, General Motor globalized division is the popular vehicle in the US and also the fast-moving brands. Chevrolet is known as ‘Chevy’ and has a high number of sales. Its success in China and India put a seal to the General Motors division setting a benchmark for automakers in the country.

Chevrolet in 2003 started in India a business and succeeded in making its presence felt in the automotive markets. The headquarters of Chevrolet is in Detroit, Michigan, the US.

Chevrolet Facts

  • Chevrolet was founded by Louis Chevrolet and this company has manufactured more than 200 million cars and trucks since 1921.
  • In 2011, Chevrolet was the top-selling brand in the US.
  • The worlds 2/3 rd roads dot with Chevrolets.
  • The company sells various vehicles including medium to duty trucks used for commercial purposes and also sub-compact cars.
  • Chevrolet in 1918 was purchased by GM motors.
  • The bowtie emblem was used first in 1913. It is believed to be some wallpaper design, while some claim it to be a stylized Swiss cross.

Chevrolet Auto Safety Features

A smarter safety approach: Chevrolet ensures the passengers and drivers safety. An innovative and comprehensive approach is offered that driving is safer during, before, and also after the collision. The philosophy driving Chevrolet is that it focuses on prevents, protect and respond, making it an outstanding vehicle.

Prevent: There is an electronic stability control system as a standard feature and this offers driver confidence and increases safety by helping in controlling the vehicle even in low-traction conditions. The driver assistance or safety features are no substitute for the responsibility of the driver.

Lane Keep Assist, forward safety, and rear cross traffic alert: These are some warning and there is camera system to warm as you drift from a lane. This prevents the collision.

Sturdy: The Chevrolet has the strong structure to dissipate crash impact and to absorb the impact as there is the extra protection degree innovative airbags. The high-strength steel and alloy maximize protection without compromising on performance, weight, and efficiency.

360° Airbags: The airbags of Chevrolet offer the latest airbag technologies. They feature a 360-degree smart sensor system, thus ensure optimal deployment of airbag before collision severity.

The other features include the automatic crash response with in-built sensors, preparing responders for a crash and injuries severity. Emergency services providers arrive for medical assistance, stolen vehicle assistance, crisis assist, roadside assistance, and lots more.

Chevrolet Insurance Costs

Chevy vehicles come in a range of options. The brand is the safest on the road but is also the easiest to modify. Here is a view of the insurance costs in few cities:

  • Quebec City - $431.
  • Gatineau- $602.
  • Longueuil-$419.
  • Montreal-$586.
  • Calgary-$1,060.
  • Windsor-$1,314.
  • Toronto-$1,275.
  • Richmond Hill-$1,278.

Comparing Insurance Rates by Popular Chevrolet Models

There is a range of Chevy models and so identify the insurance rates by comparison to suit your needs.

In fact, the SUVs and SUV crossovers, the four-door sedans are suitable family appeal cars. These are the lowest risk drivers and so the risk factors are low. Choose one from this category and get the best low car insurance premiums.