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Audi insurance

The ‘German Big 3’ comprises of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, and this is prominent worldwide. The vehicles of Audi provide the best quality and performance expected in any premier luxury vehicle. These vehicles are popular for their reliability, safety, and performance.

There are many companies providing competitive price for Audi insurance. Thus, you may compare and get the reasonable rate with suitable coverage.

Audi Facts

  • Audi is Volkswagen subsidiary, headquartered in Bavaria, Ingolstadt, Germany.
  • The Audi-branded vehicles are manufactured in nine locations worldwide.
  • Audi acquired its name after August Horch, its founder, and Horch refers to ‘listen’.
  • Audi logo represents four rings of the four companies joined to create the original company.
  • Audi performed in 1938 the first crash-test on their cards and is now followed today by all the car makers.

Audi Auto Safety features

Audi is excellent in meeting the safety standards. in fact, all vehicles are tested and receive 5 stars in safety tests that are run for side impact, front impact, rollovers, and rear collisions. The Q5 and Q7 are models with a 4-star rating. Audi is a pioneer in providing the safety technologies, both passive and active, such that it works together effectively to protect passengers. Audi introduces in 1999, the electronic stability control as a standard feature from 2009, very much before it became in 2012 a mandate of the National Highways Traffic Safety Administration.

Safety features on Audi vehicles include:

  • Anti-slip regulation.
  • Anti-lock brakes.
  • Engine braking assist.
  • Electronic differential lock.
  • Electronic stability control.
  • Electronic brake –pressure distribution.
  • Thorax airbags and side-impact airbags.
  • Front-passenger and driver airbags.
  • Hydraulic brake assistant.
  • front and rear seats safety belt pre-tensioners.
  • High-strength design to improve cash performance.

Other safety features are:

  • Side assist system such that it monitors the rear blind spots and the side.
  • Adaptive cruise control helps to monitor the car distance to vehicles so that the cruise adjustment control is done.
  • Dynamic adaptive headlights sweep following the curves.
  • Backup camera to park and reverse easily.
  • Lane assist technology to monitor the position in the lane and to give the warning to drift.
  • Night vision technology offers the warning to the driver about the pedestrians at night.
  • High beam assist raises and lowers automatically the high beams to approaching traffic.
  • The pre-sense technology monitors traffic and takes precautionary measures to minimize injuries or prevent an accident if the collision occurs.
  • Voice activation permits hands-free interaction on your dashboard.

These innovations and safety features have a positive effect on the Audi insurance policy premiums as it has the best safety features preventing the occurrence of serious accidents.

Audi Insurance Costs

The Audi models were found to have the most expensive cars and here is an average insurance cost:

  • The average insurance cost of Audi R8 Spyder Quatro, such as $3384 a year.
  • The average insurance cost of Audi A8 L Quatro to $2513.
  • The average insurance cost of Audi R8 4.2 Quatro Coupe is $2903 a year.

The averages are the insurance costs nationwide. But, remember that the model, make of the car is determined, besides the factors such as your driving record, location, how often you drive, and the coverage amount. Yet, it is best to consider comparison shopping.

Comparing Audi Insurance Rates by Popular Audi Models

Audi vehicles offer affordable luxury and are the perfect choice for discerning car buyers. Purchasing these vehicles that are high-rated means you have to be sure of the insurance cost factor. Review, compare the insurance rates to assure you are not overpaying as the coverage.