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Acura insurance

Acura is the Honda luxury vehicle marquee that is less expensive with auto insurance. Launched in 1986 in the United States, it inspired other automakers to create luxury lines. Acura lovers, as well as the critics, agree that it presents the best combination of performance, luxury, and value making Acura a great investment, besides a fun ride.

Acura has good Hollywood publicity and has earned five-star ratings for safety that its domestic line is popular in the past 2 decades. The ratings are for all the categories, rollover, overall, side crash and frontal crash. They feature the best braking capabilities and superior handling, besides the keyless starts, backup cameras, and blind sports information system.

Acura Vehicle Facts

  • The foremost Acura models were released in the US in 1986 and the first introduced was the Legend and the Integra.
  • Acura beats Lexus, its main competitor, by four years.
  • The manufacturers of Acura also have introduced sedans, sports cars, coupes, and SUVs.
  • Until 2007, Acura’s TL was the best selling and was outsold by MDX.
  • An Acura price is between $26,000 and $46,000.

People choose to buy an Acura owing to the safety and luxury and it has proved right from its introduction that it is the leader of engineering and ensures safety technology.

Acura Auto Safety Features

In 1987, the Legend Coupe of Acura was equipped with airbags and this was eleven years before that the airbags were viewed as a safety feature. Acura’s sincerity towards passenger safety is strong and in 2009, Acura was the first car company to have one of its kind models that even the insurance institute for highway safety considered it as a top safety car.

Acura engineers focused towards raising the auto safety technology bar and new models began coming with features such as warning for forwarding collision, multiple-threshold airbags featuring occupant position sensors. It also provided dash-mounted navigation, voice-activated comfort controls, and more to minimize driver distractions.

Acura Insurance Costs

Acura insurance policy is between $1000 and $1400 a year. The coverage cost depends on the location, driving record, and other variables. The insurance companies employ a rating system to determine Acura premium and some of the factors considered are:

  • Theft likelihood.
  • safety features.
  • Model, Make, and year.
  • Engine type and size.
  • Vehicle body type.

Acura offers the best standard safety features on its vehicles that the insurance companies offer a good rating.

Comparing Insurance Rates by Popular Acura Models

There is a need to compare the insurance rates to get the best price and the right coverage to the wide selection of Acura models. There are honest advice and feedback of the policy available. Acura models are known offer the best braking and handling capabilities that the insurance premium is less than other vehicles.

  • Acura MDX average premium cost is around $115.
  • Acura TL average premium cost is around $142.
  • Acura TSX average premium cost is around $139.
  • Acura ZDX average premium cost is around $129.
  • Acura RDX average premium cost is around $117.