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Car Insurance for Convicted Drivers - A Few Facts

While you drive a car it is necessary that you are covered by insurance. However, insurance for drivers with convictions is not that simple as insurance for a normal driver. Let’s check out how convictions can affect your driving insurance.

Can you get insurance if you have driving convictions?

The first thing that you need while you is about to drive is that you and your car is covered by insurance. If you fail to provide car insurance then you may have to bear a fine up to 1.31817 USD. Hence, if you are convicted then also you have to look for car insurance for convicted drivers so that you are able to hit the roads without any worries of getting fined.

Now, the question arises that if you have driving convictions then will you get car insurance for drivers with convictions? You may find an insurance cover, but when you have driving convictions then you have to bear higher premiums for car insurance convicted drivers.

The reason behind this is that when the insurance company knows that you have habits of driving rashly or being drunk while driving, the chances of accidents will increase. So, their probability of paying insurance coverage increases. Hence, in order to be on the safe side, they will charge you higher premiums. The difference in premium will depend upon the type of driving convictions you have.

Types motoring convictions

Each insurer while providing you convicted driver insurance online quote will look for the convictions that you have. Here is a list that shows the different motoring convictions that you may face.

  • Accident offenses that have impact on your license for four years after the date of the offense. It includes failing to report after 24 hours of an accident or failing to stop after an accident.
  • Disqualified driving too has the same impact. It includes cases while you are driving when you are disqualified by a court or caused death or serious injury while driving when you were disqualified.
  • Careless driving has an impact for either 4 years or 11 years on license. It is 11 years when you have caused death while driving carelessly.
  • Dangerous driving will also impact your license for four years provided you do not cause any death.
  • Driving while intoxicated is also a major type of motoring conviction.

What convictions are accepted?

It’s true that when you are convicted it is tough to get a car insurance. Insurance for convicted drivers is still there and if you try you can get cheap convicted driver insurance also.

The question is which convictions are accepted.

The following convictions are accepted easily.

  • Speeding
  • Drink driving
  • Non-driving related criminal convictions.

There are some insurers who may even consider providing your car insurance for young drivers with convictions with some other convictions also. It totally matters on the policies of the insurer.

Options if you’re refused cover

In case you are a driver with the criminal conviction and you are unable to find an insurer who will provide you with a motor insurance, then you may try at UNLOCK, it is the National Association for the Reformed Offenders. They will provide you with a list of brokers who will help you get best car insurance for convicted drivers.

Moreover, they will also help you find brokers who are specialized in your type of convictions.

It is true that once you are convicted for whatever reason it is tough to get cheap car insurance convicted drivers. Still, if you take the right path you will be able to get along with an insurer who will provide you with car insurance for convicted drink drivers.