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Phoenix Car Insurance

Phoenix Car Insurance

Phoenix is one of the most expensive insurers in the town and even in the state - $1440 per year. We’ve made a research on the main rates between six insurers in this state. It doesn’t matter, if you living in the expensive area for such service, you can shop around anyway. There is no single pair of companies that offer the same policy for the same price because they obviously use different methods. However, if you compare current rates you definitely won’t overpay. Let’s take a look at a simple example: the highest rate from the regular insurer, according to our research, is $2100, which is twice more expensive than the lowest rate ($905). Also, let’s take a look at the next Phoenix’s comparison with its average rate ($1450):

  • $675 more than the cheapest average police ( only $770) in AZ, in Lake Havasu;
  • $419 more than average police in the whole state ($1020)
  • $210 more than the average rate of the USA ($1240)

Cheap quotes in Phoenix

The cheap car insurance in Phoenix liability will limit your insurer’s offers. We are talking about the bare minimum for legal driving. In case of Arizona, your liability will pay up to:

  • $15000 for each injured person;
  • $30000 for each accident;
  • $10000 for caused damage to other person’s property or car

Cheap car insurance Phoenix

The cheapest coverage is usually not the best. You probably can be sued if your insurance can’t cover the caused damage. It is also could cost you your saving or house. If you want to protect your property, you have to buy liability insurance, let’s look at the amounts:

  • $100000 for the medical bills;
  • $300000 for all the injuries to other (or others) that you are caused in an accident;
  • $100000 for other’s property damage

Also, you should think about the next optional coverages:

  • Comprehensive insurance. This insurance will replace stolen car and also cover the damage than caused by fire, hail, vandalism, and flood;
  • Collisional insurance. This insurance will pay for your vehicle after accident;
Auto Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Rates
PhoenixFreedom National$900

For example, if you are the owner of the newest car, collision coverage and comprehensive insurance will be a smart idea. In case of Arizona, collisional insurance will cost about a $250, comprehensive - $180 (the cost is an average per year).  These optional coverages are coming with a deductible. A deductible is a certain amount that customer pays before his insurer pays. The average amounts are $250, $450 and $1000, so the customer chooses which one he wants. If you chose the highest deductible, you’ll get the lowest rate respectively