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About Progressive insurance

The progressive group of insurance began its journey in 1937 with an aim to provide exceptional and affordable policies. ​Progressive is the most aggressive buying, mostly looking for age 40 + and low-risk drivers. It is the first insurance company to provide a lower rate of premium for the drivers.

The insurance company is popular for the following;

  • Coverage for drivers who have been involved in the accident
  • Rewarding good drivers for their good driving skills,
  • Low premium rates for low-risk drivers

What is the car insurance covered by Progressive insurance?

  • Bodily injuries and property damage of the person suffered by your car. It includes the injuries done to another person and damages done to a house, car, or a street.
  • Collision and comprehensive damage cover the damage done to your car due to collision or accident.
  • Covers injuries and damages were done to uninsured or underinsured motorists.
  • Covers injuries and medical costs of the person who has suffered due to the accident. It pays all the medical costs of the driver, your family member or any person injured.
  • Covers rental care fees while your car is covered under the collision damage.
  • It also covers the service centre costs to manage the repairs to the car.

Minimum coverage 

​Progressive is the most aggressive buying, mostly looking for age 40 + drivers is full coverage insurance. It does have any minimum coverage like most of the other insurance companies. There is a package by the company that covers almost all the insurance regarding the auto and bodily insurance.


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Dominic Washington's picture
Dominic Washington
5.0 out of 5.0, reviewed on Mar 15, 2018
I have been a customer of Progressive auto insurance from a year and there were two instances when my car was damaged. The services of this company were so good that they paid for my repair both the times without much paperwork.
Richard Butler's picture
Richard Butler
5.0 out of 5.0, reviewed on Feb 03, 2018
This company claims an easy claim experience and it also delivers it! They scheduled my repair of the car and also scheduled the pick up according to my convenience but there was a change in the pick up time which was not communicated with me. Just a small point Progressive should avoid.
Antonio Simmons's picture
Antonio Simmons
5.0 out of 5.0, reviewed on Jul 28, 2017
The premium coverage is good and they provide you with the plan that is most suitable for you. The work is hassle free and you can choose from varied options too.
Jesse Foster's picture
Jesse Foster
5.0 out of 5.0, reviewed on Nov 19, 2016
The premium the company provides is within the range that I had asked them for. The staff members are cordial but not that helpful with information. Since the premiums are good they have an added advantage.
Blake Gonzales's picture
Blake Gonzales
5.0 out of 5.0, reviewed on Mar 10, 2018
This insurance company has lesser expensive insurance rates. If you are looking for a cheap insurance company, then you should definitely try progressive. Progressive is also known for trying out new technologies to serve their customers in a modern way.
Sebastian Bryant's picture
Sebastian Bryant
5.0 out of 5.0, reviewed on Apr 02, 2017
But besides these, progressive is little behind when it comes to customer care service. Many customers have claimed that the person responsible for customer care were quite rude to them by which they were offended.
Miguel Alexander's picture
Miguel Alexander
5.0 out of 5.0, reviewed on Mar 02, 2018
My mother was already a part of the Progressive Auto Insurance and seeing her being so positive about the insurance company decided to join it. They have always been of great help to me and my mother.
Jake Russell's picture
Jake Russell
5.0 out of 5.0, reviewed on Aug 20, 2017
I am taking the service of progressive auto insurance form 2 years. This is good and money saving insurance coverage. Easy to get and customer service is very well. Try it!
Alejandro Griffin's picture
Alejandro Griffin
5.0 out of 5.0, reviewed on Dec 23, 2016
I am a client of Progressive Auto Insurance Since 2010. I got stuck twice and found the service quite helpful. The representatives knew their job very well.
Patrick Diaz's picture
Patrick Diaz
5.0 out of 5.0, reviewed on Nov 17, 2016
Though the company is helpful, they charge higher premiums which are far different from the actual policy. Moreover, there are issues in getting refunds for the policy.
Joshua Smith's picture
Joshua Smith
Asked on Apr 17, 2018
I had broken the traffic rules due to which I had to suffer from an accident. There is substantial damage to my car and myself. Am I covered under the insurance benefits to be claimed my amount?

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Factors to keep in while Buying a Car Insurance

You must decide upon which insurance plan is going to be the most beneficial for you. How much premium do you have to pay while purchasing one for yourself? Does that suit your budget? How good is the payout in case of emergencies and what all other perks are provided? These things are the most important factors that must be kept in mind while going for any related kind of service. One must investigate the various factors of how much money will be compensated in case of an accident. Your thought will be that it must cover the total cost of the vehicle but for that to happen you will have to shell out substantial amount of money out of your pocket. It has to a smart decision as you need to lookout for your profits down the road. Hence it often recommended to go for one of the best car insurance companies in the market in terms of affordability.

They offers one of the best car insurance rates to their customers to lure them from other companies and their car insures are the most rated car coverage in the field.